DENVER— If Republican candidates in Colorado don’t want to endorse Donald Trump for President, the chairman of the state GOP says that’s fine by him.

“It’s cool by me, yes,” state party chairman Steve House said in an interview with 9NEWS on Wednesday.

House also said he’s ready to work with the political reality of Trump as the nominee at the top of the ticket.

“We’re OK with that. I think we’re good with that,” House said. “It’s time to get on with an election strategy and start focusing on the battle with Hillary instead of the internal battle.”

Most—but not all—of Colorado’s congressional Republicans have said they’ll support the GOP nominee.

In a statement, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) said he’s not sold on Trump yet, calling his party’s presumptive presidential nominee “divisive.”

“Trump has a long way to go to earn the support of many - me included,” Coffman wrote.

That statement contradicts what his campaign told the Colorado Statesman in February. The relevant portion of the article (which is behind a paywall) reads as follows:

“Will Mike Coffman support the Republican nominee over Bernie or Hillary?” said [Mike Coffman] campaign spokeswoman Kristin Strohm. “The answer is obviously yes. And he believes strongly it is going to be Marco Rubio.”

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) had previously said he would not answer a hypothetical when asked whether he would support Trump as nominee.

With Trump now safely holding the title of presumptive nominee, staffers for Buck have not responded to numerous requests from 9NEWS on Wednesday for his position on the candidate.

Candidates who are backing Trump are casting the decision as a move against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

"I will be supporting Mr. Trump because Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate who has jeopardized national security secrets and supports liberal policies that would be bad for America," Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado) told 9NEWS in a statement.