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Colorado’s double-ballot rejection rate: 2.4%

That's better than expected.

COLORADO POLITICS — The rate at which ballots cast by unaffiliated voters were rejected in Colorado’s June primary elections was 2.4 percent, lower than some forecasts before the election, Secretary of State Wayne Williams said Friday.

Proposition 108, which Colorado voters approved in 2016, allowed the state’s unaffiliated voters for the first time this year to cast ballots in the state’s partisan primaries without declaring for a party ahead of time.

Under the new system, unaffiliated voters who didn’t request a particular party’s ballot in advance were sent both a Republican and a Democratic ballot.

They were allowed to fill out and return only one of the two ballots, however. If they returned both ballots filled out, their vote was disqualified.

And that double-ballot disqualification rate was 2.4 percent, Williams said.

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