KUSA— On this year’s ballot, Colorado voters will get the opportunity to decide whether to return to a presidential primary instead of the party-run caucuses, and to open all of the state’s primaries to unaffiliated (aka: independent) voters.

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Those are the core issues of propositions 107 and 108, which expose a philosophical rift about the role that political parties play in our representative democracy, and how they should be allowed to organize.

Here, you’ll find the unedited 9NEWS debate on these two measures. Speaking in support of both measures, Kent Thiry, the CEO of DaVita. In opposition, Corky Kyle with Save the Caucus.

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We included questions from viewers who watched the debate live on the 9NEWS Facebook page.

This debate will air in condensed form in the 9NEWS ballot question debate special, which will air on October 18 at 7pm on KTVD channel 20.