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How 9NEWS is reporting on the U.S. presidential race and state projections

9NEWS uses our partners at NBC and the Associated Press to call races.

DENVER — As more states continue to count ballots in the U.S. presidential race, 9NEWS is using our partners at both the Associated Press and NBC News to track projections.

9NEWS' parent company TEGNA is relying on the Associated Press to call races on digital platforms. The AP’s Decision Desk uses vote counts as well as demographic data and statistics about advanced voting to project election race results.

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As of this writing, NBC News has not yet called Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden, whereas AP has, which is why there is a discrepancy between the election maps on 9NEWS.com and on our TV platforms.

You’ll find the AP Balance of Power map here.

You’ll find the NBC News Balance of Power map here.

NBC News said it does not project races until its Decision Desk is at least 99.5% confident of the winner. It did not project winners in states until after the last scheduled poll-closing time.

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Neither The AP nor NBC News has called Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia or Pennsylvania. If AP calls any of these states for Biden, it would project he has the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

> Watch the video above for an explainer of how the electoral college works. 

When calling the race, 9NEWS will be transparent about which partner is making the call. Since vote counts are not yet final – and the Trump campaign has already asked for a recount in Wisconsin, where he is losing by less than 1% -- all results will be projections until they are certified.

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