When the race for Colorado’s senate seat started, the consensus was that Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) was one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators up for election.


But Tuesday night Bennet cruised to victory over his Republican challenger, El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn.

Our current election results have him leading 50 to 45 percent and carrying several key counties.

Bennet barely beat Republican Ken Buck in 2010. This cycle, however, the Denver Democrat enjoyed a healthy – often double digit – lead over Glenn.

The race tightened in the final weeks, but Glenn couldn’t mount a comeback.

“Well, what happened is the republicans nominated the wrong candidate,” University of Colorado Denver politics professor Tony Robinson said. “You can’t buck fundamental election trends and expect to have results.”

What Robinson means is Colorado’s becoming younger, more Latino, more educated and more secular. Voter registration shows an almost even split between Republicans, Democrats and people who call themselves unaffiliated.

“His message could win down in Mississippi but not in Colorado,” Robinson said.

Bennet also far outpaced Glenn in fundraising in part because national Republican groups and donors chose to spend their money on other races.

Both candidates faced off in a debate aired only on KUSA's Channel 20 in October.