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Here's who's running for Denver City Council in each district

Denver voters will choose one councilmember for each of the city's 11 districts, and two councilmembers for at-large seats, which represent the whole city.
Credit: 9NEWS

DENVER — In addition to narrowing down the choices for a new mayor and deciding the future of the Park Hill Golf Course, Denver voters are electing the 13 members of city council in Tuesday's election.

Voters will choose one council member for each of the city's 11 districts, and two council members for at-large seats, which represent the whole city.

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Recent redistricting means some voters may find they're in a different district than before, even if they haven't moved. 

Every 10 years, the city council must redraw the map "to create 11 districts that are as evenly populated, as geographically compact, and as reasonable as possible to uphold the one-person-one-vote standard in the US Constitution," according to the city's website

The city council approved a redrawn map in March 2022, and the new map takes effect for this election.

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Incumbents are up for reelection in eight of the 11 districts, and three of them are running unopposed.

9NEWS asked each candidate to answer this prompt: 

In 250 characters or less, tell us who and what your campaign stands for.

Here's a look at who's running in each district, along with the statements they provided to 9NEWS. 

Councilmember District 1

Ava Truckey 

Ava Truckey is a queer, mother to two young children. She is a micro-business owner, organizer, advocate and champion of mutual aid. She believes that meeting the basic needs of individuals inherently improves the health of our communities.

Amanda Sandoval

As a lifelong resident of NW Denver, I want to continue to tackle the many issues that still face our neighborhoods while recognizing the past, present, and future needs and keep the momentum going on the progress made.

Councilmember District 2

Kevin Flynn

As a longtime journalist in this town, my entire career was built around listening intently to people and arriving at a consensus built on common sense and sound judgment. My record reflects that in my helping people and voting in their best interest.

Chris Herr

Our campaign is about progress. As a City, we can do better for our people and we all see that. I love Denver, and we need a Council that can work together and regionally to boldly solve our City's greatest challenges. Let's get to work.

Tiffany Caudill

My campaign is a people powered, community centered campaign. We believe that the housing, climate, and public safety crisis are threaded together and to have a truly thriving city, we need to ensure people have their basic needs met.

Councilmember District 3

Jamie Torres

I am running to represent District 3 for a 2nd term and continue the work to keep families housed, healthy and thriving in west Denver and ensure we protect our cultural and creative footprint while growing for the future.

Councilmember District 4

Tony Pigford

My campaign is endorsed by unions and working class families who have been left out of the conversation in Denver. I'm the D4 candidate who wants to make Southeast Denver better for everyone, instead of aligning with special interest and developers.

Diana Romero Campbell

Diana is the leader we need right now in SE Denver - We have many challenging issues to tackle as a city, from addressing our safety, how our community grows, what mobility looks like in the future, and the sustainability of our environment.

Councilmember District 5

Amanda Sawyer

I ran for office to amplify the voices of our neighborhoods and have advocated for the issues residents care about like crime, traffic safety, homelessness, and quality of life. It has been my honor to represent District 5 for the past four years.

Michael Hughes

I want to use my expertise in consensus building to engage the community in important public problems - housing affordability, public safety, services for those experiencing homelessness. I want to be of service to District 5 residents and businesses

Councilmember District 6

Paul Kashmann

9NEWS has reached out to the Paul Kashmann campaign and is waiting to hear back.

Councilmember District 7

Nick Campion

I am in the race because I am passionate about serving individuals, communities and the planet. It angers me that life is not fair for many individuals and that we are hurting the planet. As a city we need to do more.

Flor Alvidrez

It stands for the people of Denver and marginalized communities. The past decade has seen tremendous economic growth but not enough thought was put into the people here and how they could participate in and be impacted by that economic growth.

Adam Estroff

Raised in CO, I led YIMBY Denver for several years as a volunteer trying to make it easier to buy a home and more affordable to rent in Denver. On Council I will work to end exclusionary zoning and reduce homelessness and public drug use.

Arthur May

My campaign stands for my wife, my children, and my neighbors in district 7. In 2021, the Mayor's annual budget report allocated 27% to public safety. For 2023, allocation is 22%. In that same time crime and population have increased.

Guy Padgett

I'm Guy Padgett. I want a braver and safer Denver for us all. Let's be courageous in facing our problems, and support our people and businesses. I was a councilman and mayor in my 20s; I know how to make a city work for everyone. I'm ready to serve.

Councilmember District 8

Christian A. Steward

Who my campaign stands for:Like the people who live in my neighborhood of East Colfax.It stands for those who feel & are left out.As a Community Connector for the City of Denver,my campaign is about empowering partnerships & creating innovative laws.

Tyler Drum

I am running for office because historically Central Park has their needs more intently focused on by the city council at the expense of the margined neighborhoods of District 8 (Montbello, Park Hill, and East Colfax).

Leslie Twarogowski

I was born and raised on the east side, and I’ve witnessed many changes over my lifetime - good and bad. My job experience has focused on small business and safety improvements, and I will champion open space and thoughtful residential development. 

Shontel M. Lewis

Too frequently, we measure the progress of our city in dollars we should be prioritizing social determinants of health — affordable housing, healthy and affordable food, quality health care, education and job training, resources, frequent and transit.

Brad Revare

Brad Revare is a proud dad, husband, attorney by training, and community leader in northeast Denver. His campaign stands for the idea that you should not need to be a millionaire to live in Denver. We need to make progress on the cost of living.

Rita Lewis (write-in candidate)

My campaign is all about " common sense" solutions. We need to focus on rent control, attainable affordable housing, real solutions for our unhoused neighbors and what steps we can take regarding youth violence. We also need to combat car thefts.

Councilmember District 9

Candi CdeBaca

Candi for Council is a people-powered, worker-centered campaign dedicated to lifting up the voices of the silenced and forgotten. We aim to teach people their power and how to demand co-governance, transparency and courage from their electeds.

Kwon Atlas

Kwon Atlas is a business, community and nonprofit leader who has worked at all three levels of government, running for City Council District 9 to champion the issues of Economic Equity, Mobility, and Recovery, Public Safety, and Racial Equity.

Darrell Watson

As a Black, queer, cisgender male, my campaign leads through the lens of equity. My campaign stands for progress on the big issues impacting residents and small businesses in District 9 and putting an end to the divisiveness of the last four years.

Councilmember District 10

Margie Morris

Solving the unhoused crisis in Denver is why I am in this race, and it’s my #1 priority. I’m a collaborative leader with decades of experience leading large scale initiatives to build healthier communities. I'll lead with real solutions for Denver!

Shannon Hoffman

Shannon Hoffman is a Cap Hill renter and the progressive candidate for District 10. With the experience and tenacity to get things done, she’ll back up progressive talk with bold action on renters' rights, affordable housing, transit and more.

Chris Hinds

Chris Hinds is running for re-election on a campaign to bring access for all. Chris was in a crash and now uses a wheelchair. Access is about more than wheelchair accessibility, it means access to housing, transportation, and representation for all.

Noah Kaplan

My campaign stands for working people and families. For our kids. For their safety and opportunity. For stronger relationships and better coordination. For a city where families can put down roots. For a creative, coherent, and courageous future.

Councilmember District 11

Stacie Gilmore

9NEWS has reached out to the Stacie Gilmore campaign and is waiting to hear back

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