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Denver transportation bond headed for approval

Question 2C on the Denver ballot asked voters to approve $63,320,000 for repairs and improvements to the city’s transportation and mobility system.

DENVER — Denver residents on Tuesday voted on Referred Question 2C, which asked whether the city could borrow more than $63 million to repair and improve the city’s transportation and mobility system.

This question asked voters to approve $63,320,000 in bonds with a maximum repayment cost of $109,048,000 and no increase in taxes, for:

  • Building out bicycle infrastructure with new construction in the Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, South and Central neighborhoods.
  • Addressing sidewalk construction, and pedestrian and transportation safety, throughout the city. Denver has 300 miles of sidewalk gaps that 2C will address, with an emphasis on underserved neighborhoods.
  • Funding the reconstruction of Morrison Road and multi-modal improvements along Peoria Street.
  • Spurring the development of a 5280 Urban Trail through neighborhoods in downtown Denver.

A NO vote meant the city couldn’t borrow the money to pay for the projects.

The results are below:

Click here for more election results.

Denver asked its voters this year for permission to borrow about $450 million total in five debt questions, which are Referred Questions 2A through 2E on the ballot.

Questions 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D asked voters to approve general obligation bonds to fund repairs and improvements to city facilities, housing and sheltering, parks and recreation, and transportation and mobility.

The total cost of the four is $259 million. The money to repay the bonds would come from the city's general revenues, though the city could increase taxes at some point to pay them back.

Click here for more information on Questions 2A through 2D.

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