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Anti-transgender mailers sent to Colorado's Spanish-speaking voters

Anti-transgender messages printed in Spanish are being mailed to voters in Colorado by a conservative dark money group.

THORNTON, Colo. — Spanish-speaking voters are being targeted with ugly and false misinformation.

Anti-transgender messages printed in Spanish are being mailed to voters by a group led by Stephen Miller, the architect of former President Trump's most hardline immigration and border policies.

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The Spanish-language mailer starts with "Joe Biden and progressive politicians and their leftist allies in government..." and then the rest is full of misinformation and anti-transgender content.

"Neither of us are fluent, but we know enough, [we] understand that we knew this was disgusting propaganda," Thornton resident Michael Ramirez said.

"We sat there together, translating words here and there and it was like, ugly," Thornton voter Debbie Velasquez said.

Velasquez and her husband, Ramirez, read through enough of the mailer to know it was not for them.

"'Esterilización': Sterilization," Velasquez said.

"'Bloqueadores de la pubertad': Puberty blockers," Ramirez said. "And also, removing healthy genitals: Removiendo los senos y los genitales sanos."

The mailer is from America First Legal Foundation, which is run by Miller, who was a senior advisor to former President Trump.

It's a dark money group, meaning America First Legal Foundation does not have to reveal the people who helped pay for the mailers, as well as radio ads airing on three Denver metro area radio stations.

The mailer is full of anti-transgender rhetoric, quoting The Daily Wire, a conservative website led by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing.

"We have transgendered friends. This does not reflect us at all," Velasquez said.

Why did these two Thornton voters receive one mailer each?

America First Legal Foundation did not respond to our request for information about how many were mailed and where they were sent.

Velasquez and Ramirez have a suspicion about why they each got one.

"I think it's just because of our last names, we both have Hispanic last names," Ramirez said.

"I think it's from the voter rolls, and they just went down to look for 'Velasquez,' 'Martinez,' 'Ortega,' you know, 'Ramirez,'" Velasquez said.

Jennifer Arreola-Soria, the civic engagement coordinator with Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) discussed the mailers on Spanish-language KNRV 1150 AM on Tuesday morning.

"Y lo que nos comentaron fue que fue una tarjeta que estaba atacando a los latinos, que se la mandaron específicamente a los latinos para como darles miedo de las elecciones de lo que esta pasando y es completamente falso la información que se mandó. Y esto es muy peligroso para nuestras comunidades porque puede causar mucho daño, especialmente a los jóvenes," Arreola-Soria said.

"And what they told us is that it was a card that was targeting Latinos, that was sent specifically to Latinos to make them afraid of the elections, of what is happening, and the information that was sent is completely false. And this is very dangerous for our communities because it can cause a lot of harm, especially to young people," Arreola-Soria said.

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