DENVER — The city began to tally results for Tuesday’s municipal election starting at 7 p.m.

Here’s a look at the results from the major races as of 5 a.m. 9NEWS Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli confirmed that Initiative 300 – which would have overturned Denver’s so-called camping ban – has failed.

By failing to garner the necessary majority of the votes in Tuesday's election, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, meanwhile, looks poised to face-off against urban planner Jamie Giellis in a runoff. Those ballots will be tallied on June 4. 

Initiative 301, which would have decriminalized the use of "magic mushrooms" in Denver, looks poised to have failed as well. 

See a breakdown of the results from the major races below. For full results, click or tap here:  

These two articles offer more details about the City Council and Clerk ratings: 

Denver city council at-large incumbents cruising; open seats head to runoff

Candidates tightly packed in race for clerk-recorder; runoff ahead


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told his supports that he expects to face challenger Jamie Giellis in a runoff election on June 4. He is the first incumbent to be forced to compete in a runoff since 1995. 

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Here's a breakdown of the votes. 

Penfield Tate: 14.73% (26,213 votes)

Michael B. Hancock (Incumbent): 38.65% (68,787 votes) 

Kalyn Rose Heffernan: 2.49% (4,431 votes)

Jamie Giellis: 24.88% (44,279 votes) 

Stephan “Seku” Evans: 0.74% (1,311 votes)

Lisa Calderon: 18.45% (32,839 votes) 

Write-in: 0.06% (115 votes) 


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This initiative would have overturned Denver’s camping ban, and allow the homeless population to sleep in public spaces like parks and sidewalks, as long as the thoroughfares are not impassable. The fact this initiative failed means Denver police and Denver Public Works can ask people to leave public spaces and that sweeps of camping areas can continue.

Yes: 18.78% (33,685 votes) 

No: 81.22% (145,649 votes) 


This initiative would decriminalize the small-time possession of psilocybin mushrooms by people more than 21 years old.

Yes: 50.56% (89,320 votes) 

No: 49.44% (87,341 votes) 

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