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Meet the candidates running for Denver Mayor: Robert Treta

9NEWS asked all 17 people running for Denver to answer the same policy questions.

DENVER — There are 17 people on the 2023 ballot for Denver Mayor, all vying to replace Michael Hancock after three terms in office. If that's not the most ever, it's at least the biggest pool of candidates for that office in decades, according to the Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office, which checked their sample paper ballots going back to 1946.

Each candidate has their own ideas regarding crime, homelessness, housing affordability and more. We asked all of them the same policy questions and asked for written responses.

Below you'll find Robert Treta's answers, all unedited and in the candidate's own words, as well as documents related to policy proposals.

You can see the other candidates' responses here.

Denver's Election Day is April 4.

Robert Treta

Robert Treta is a self-employed builder with a personal interest in green energy. This is his first run for elected office.

Political affiliation: Unaffiliated

No provided links to policy paperwork

Long-form questions

In a single sentence, why are you running for mayor?

I am running to solve the homeless and affordable housing problem for real.

Please provide specifics on your plan to improve public safety and reduce crime in Denver. Specifically, please note whether the Denver Police budget should be increased or decreased (including funding diversion to non-police emergency responses).

By providing affordable housing in a realistic way, I will be reducing crime and improving public safety. The Denver Police budget should be increased. I am not in favor of the STAR program because there isn't enough track record or volume of success and resources behind it yet. 

What should the City of Denver do to promote affordable housing? 

Denver should bring back the R-2 zoning code that was dismantled in 2003. We need to add a two family house zoning exemption that allows basement or garden level apartments inside a single family dwelling, allowing side setback and front setback exemptions for exterior entrances to promote basement level apartments. Eliminate the shoring pier requirement for adjacent properties that have low risk soil disruption and low risk adjacent foundation disruption. Scrap the building department and relegate them to a zoning only review process and work with engineers of record to complete the permitting process quickly and efficiently. Allow accessory Dwelling Units city wide (should have been done fifteen years ago). Try to attract contractors, builders and developers back to Denver to start construction projects in our city once again. Work with the state to redesign construction defect law.

How should Denver change its approach to addressing homelessness?

We need to build. We need to build it now. We need to build cost effectively. We need to build private dwellings. We need to build 7000 units as quickly as we can. We cannot wait any longer. We need to build entry level housing that nobody falls below. I am talking about 16x16 SIP panel hybrid prefabricated construction on a monolithic slab with pre engineered trusses, topped with 56,000 Tesla solar panels. I have the blueprints already done. This will cost $25,000 per unit. I will turn the homeless into homeowners for the low cost of $120 a month per unit.

How should Denver change its approach to mobility and safe streets?

Denver needs to do a much better job on snow removal. Sidewalks will be shoveled by a homeless workforce that is aging out of foster care. Sun exposure studies should be done in areas of mid rise development to determine new areas for snow and ice removal. Residents that cannot shovel their walks will be able to call the 311 number to have the city do so on their behalf. Developers will be charged right of way maintenance fees before obtaining any sort of building permit. These fees will fund the snow shoveling workforce that I intend to start.

The Mayor has significant control over a $3-4 billion budget and will hire cabinet members who oversee roughly 12,000 employees. Please detail your experience with budgets and hiring.  

I have built over 50 projects in The City of Denver. Some of these projects have had multi million dollar budgets. On a normal construction project I hire the following professionals: surveyors, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, excavators, sewer and water contractors, foundation contractors, concrete suppliers, concrete form suppliers, lumber suppliers, framing crews, electricians, HVAC constructors, plumbers, insulation contractors, roofers, flooring contractors, cabinet suppliers, door and window suppliers, window installers, drywall hangers, drywall finishers, paint contractors, stucco and siding contractors, carpenters, refrigeration contractors, tile setters, landscapers, hardscape contractors, bonded flat workers, unbonded flat workers, construction fencing and security companies, interior designers, garage door contractors, carpet layers and many many MANY more. I also coordinate with the following people: Denver Water, Denver Wastewater, Denver Zoning, Denver Landmark Department, Denver Right of Way Department, Denver Engineering, Denver Building, Denver Fire Department, Denver Forestry Department, Denver Permitting, Denver Plan Review, Denver Log In Intake Department, Denver Health Department, Denver Traffic and Control, Xcel Energy Electrical, xcel meter department, xcel engineering, xcel gas, xcel builders call line, foundation inspectors, shoring pier inspectors, open excavation inspectors, side setback inspectors, bulk plain inspectors, max height inspections, precontruction inspections, footing inspections, perimeter drain inspections, damp proofing inspections, right of way inspections, wastewater inspections, framing inspections, blower door inspections, draft stopping inspections, electrical inspections, plumbing inspections, HVAC inspections, roofing inspections, lath and siding inspections, insulation inspections, drywall screw inspections, cement board screw inspection, mid roof inspection, gutter and downspout inspections and many many MANY more.

Should the City of Denver explore ways to exert more control over Denver Public Schools? If so, how would you do that and what would be your goal?

You bet.

Please assess the Hancock administration’s response to the influx of migrants from the southern border since December 2022. What should Denver do to prepare for and respond to another potential influx of migrants?  

We should build an excess of my 16x16 cubicles for these individuals. Most are qualified to work construction. Most want to work. Here is the process I am proposing: The first thing we ask these individuals is if they want to work and if they are capable of working. If the answer is yes, we outfit them with an ankle bracelet with a tracking device in it. After one year of successful work experience, these individuals will be up for review. If the migrant has sufficient letters of recommendations from employers and sufficient recommendation letters from the community said migrant will have the opportunity to apply for a green card with said credentials.

What should Denver do to prevent the displacement of longtime residents due to gentrification and tax burdens?

Property taxes should be reduced on a sliding scale according to age. I think the reduction should start at age 50 and then incrementally decrease from then on as the resident ages.

What should be done to revitalize downtown Denver (vis-à-vis office occupancy, the 16th Street Mall, crime)?

The homeless need to be removed from downtown. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently. After 60 days of taking office illegal camping will be enforced. People will not be criminalized for simply being homeless, but they will be criminalized if they choose to decline services provided to them and continue to sleep on the streets.

What is within the power of the City of Denver to fight the opioid epidemic? What steps should regional or state leaders take in cooperation to reduce fentanyl deaths?

Possession of fentanyl or dealing of fentanyl should be a felony.

Xcel Energy's franchise agreement expires on Dec. 31, 2026. What will you seek from the next agreement that protects Denver customers from high utility bills?

We are going to incentivize solar installation in this city. The best way to keep natural gas prices low is to decrease the demand for it.

Denver has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% by 2030. A sales tax approved by voters funds the city's climate action goals. What, if any, changes would you make to Denver's climate action goals and how would you make green energy and environmentally sustainable living available across income levels?

My homeless plan calls for 56,000 solar panels. These panels are for basic entry level housing. We need to change the building code immediately to accommodate solar panels on every roof in Denver. Denver is one of the sunniest cities in the country. Everybody agrees that with the advent of electric vehicles our electrical infrastructure is not ready. We need to add to out electrical infrastructure on every roof top in Denver. In 2017 I installed 28 solar panels on the house I built at 4531 Beach Court. It supplies enough solar power to drive a Tesla Model Y 63,000 miles per year. This is not an estimate this is a fact. Every single resident should qualify for solar panel financing. No money down, no credit check, a city credit union should be established to finance the project. If you are in good standing with xcel energy and you pay your bills on time, you will automatically qualify for solar financing regardless of your income. Much more education needs to be put forth on the net monetary and environmental gain as a byproduct of solar panels. Charging stations for electric vehicles need to be installed at curb with directional boring technology in order to charge Evs with said solar. I think it is very important that Denver elects a mayor that leads by example in this area. 

Yes or No

Will you enforce Denver’s camping ban?


Should Denver maintain its effective status as a sanctuary city through noncooperation with immigration agents? 

Decline to say

Will you vote to support development of the Park Hill Golf Course as currently proposed on the April ballot?

Decline to say

Do you support the use of any Denver taxpayer funds to build a new football stadium for the Broncos? 


Should Denver reduce vehicle volumes downtown?


Did you support Mayor Michael Hancock’s re-election in 2019?


If the Colorado legislature lifts the ban on local rent control, should Denver pursue some form of rent control?

Decline to say

Should Denver pursue the creation of a supervised drug injection site with the permission of the state legislature?

Decline to say

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