ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – The expanding list of Republicans hoping to run for Governor of Colorado in 2018 won’t have to worry about going up against John Elway in a primary.

Elway, a Republican, threw cold water on speculation that he was considering a run for office.

“My intentions are to continue to run the Denver Broncos football operations,’’ Elway said in an interview Monday with 9News. “They can run. I’m not running for Governor. For some reason these things continue to come up.‘’

Current Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) is term-limited, which is attracting a wide swath of potential candidates from both parties hoping to snatch the open job in 2018.

Speculation that Elway might want to run for Governor may have been ignited this time by his decision to appear in a political ad about two statewide ballot questions.

One was to make it more difficult to amend the state constitution, which voters passed in November. Elway also opposed a minimum wage increase, but the voters ended up passing that measure.

Those positions matched Hickenlooper’s own stances, much to the distaste of the liberal wing of the Democratic party.

Elway seems to have accepted that he’s going to have to address questions from time-to-time about political aspirations.

“I am a little bit involved at times with the Republican Party which I believe in and I feel like that’s my part (to support),’’ Elway said. “It’s not something that … the Senate seat opens up my name seems to pop up for that every time, too. But no, I’m working for the Denver Broncos.’’

In one sense it must be an irritant that questions of Elway’s commitment to his job as Broncos’ general manager never cease, even though he is about to move into this seventh year on the job.

Then again, it may also be flattering that a person of Elway’s stature continues to have opportunities afforded to him that are not available to most. Inside football circles, there have also been whispers Elway could move on to run the Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargers, if the San Diego moves its franchise up the road.

Elway has an offseason home in the Los Angeles area, but squashed those rumors as well.

“I’m working for the Denver Broncos,’’ Elway said. “You can put an end to those.’’

Elway has one year left on his contract with the Broncos, and team president and chief executive officer Joe Ellis said they have been in extension talks since October.