DENVER — Just one day before Brett Kavanaugh faces accuser number one, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, in the Senate Judiciary Committee, another woman wrote in a sworn three-page affidavit the most serious allegations yet.

Julie Swetnick said in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh would get women drunk or drugged so they can be gang-raped at parties. Swetnick said she was one of the victims and that Kavanaugh was there even though she never came forward till now.

Mitch Morrissey is the former district attorney for Denver said he wonders why she never came forward until now. He has extensive experience investigating sex crimes and cold cases with little physical evidence. Morrissey said the timing of the latest allegation can actually hurt the credibility of Ford who claims she was held down by one man while Kavanaugh groped her at a party when they were teenagers.

"You've got one side that has a huge agenda, another side that has a huge agenda," Morrissey said. "So, is this really even about getting to the truth?"

He said he believes Thursday's hearing will be a show with Arizona Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell questioning Ford. She is a sex crime expert and victim's advocate. Morrissey said she will also know how to find holes in Ford's story.

"It has no DNA. It has no physical evidence. Will she be able to the address of the place? The date that this judge happened? Those kinds of things are important when somebody is sitting back watching her testify trying to judge her credibility," Morrissey said.

"And, really if you were going to challenge what she says, there's two ways to do that," Morrissey said. "One would be that it didn't happen at all. She's making this up. She's not telling the truth. Or, this horrible thing happened to her, it just wasn't him that did it."

Morrissey said he believes Kavanaugh will appear to listen and maintain his poise during Ford's testimony. Morrissey said that as a judge, Kavanaugh will have no problem doing that. The judge will also apparently use his hand-written calendar from 36 years ago to refute her allegations.

"So, it'll come down to how he looks and sounds; how she looks and sounds," Morrissey said. "There will be people that will say of course she's nervous, she's never been in this situation. He has been. I mean, there's a lot of things that people will debate about this for years."

Morrissey said he believes, in the end, no matter what happens in this hearing, the senators will just vote along party lines.