COLORADO POLITICS — On Thursday, Coloradan David Bernhardt, the deputy director of the Department of Interior, was making a case for the Trump administration’s changes to the Endangered Species Act in a Washington Post op-ed.

Meanwhile, protesters in Colorado were making plans to protest his boss, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, as he speaks at a private event in Steamboat Springs Friday night.

Bernhardt, who grew up in Rifle, wrote about a “modern vision of conservation” in The Post on Thursday. He defended the administration’s views on protections for at-risk wildlife, which sometimes can get in the way of business and conservation.

“(A)utomatically treating the threatened species as endangered places unnecessary regulatory burden on our citizens without additional benefit to the species,” wrote Bernhardt. “The blanket rule reflexively prohibits known habitat management practices, such as selective forest thinning and water management, that might ultimately benefit a threatened species.

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