DENVER - At the State Capitol today, lawmakers presented legislation for equal funding for charter schools.

Senator Owen Hill and two representatives introduced the proposal in a bipartisan effort.

In Colorado, charter schools make up 12 percent of all public schools but they receive per student an average of 20 percent less funding than traditional students.

Luke Ragland, Vice-President Colorado Succeeds which represents business across the state, is a proponent of this legislation.

“In a time of limited resources that were in right now in Colorado, it’s more important now than ever that we make sure students have equal access to the resources they need and that includes our public charter school students,” Ragland said.

He says this effort would address the serious inequities faced by tens of thousands of charter students in the state in an effort to prepare them for the future.

“If Colorado wants to remain economically competitive, they have to do a better job of preparing every single kid for the future workforce," Ragland said.

Funding to try to close this gap would come from current mill levy overrides and no new taxes would be introduced.