KUSA — Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) said President Donald Trump called him Wednesday night and told him despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the Cole memo, legal marijuana in states like Colorado will be safe from federal intervention.

Because of this conversation, Gardner announced Friday that this means he will no longer have a hold on the president’s Justice Department nominees – something he put in place after Sessions announced in January that he was rescinding an Obama-era memo that directed the federal approach to marijuana policy.

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Gardner says Trump also told him that he supports a legislative solution to protecting states that have legalized pot.

Such a bill has not been drafted or passed.

During a conversation with 9NEWS' Brandon Rittiman, Gardner said he believes Trump will be true to his word when it comes to marijuana and the federal government's role in a legal industry in the state of Colorado.

This is even though Trump made a similar promise during his campaign that seemed to be invalidated by Sessions' decision to rescind the Cole memo.