KUSA— It’s now day three that the title “presumptive nominee” has applied to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and another Republican member of Congress from Colorado is staking out a noncommittal position on Trump’s campaign.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) implied that he’s waiting to be convinced of Trump’s conservative credentials.

“I look forward to Mr. Trump demonstrating that he supports limited government, free market principles, and family values,” Buck said in a written statement to 9NEWS. “We must beat Hillary Clinton.”

The position is similar to that of Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado,) who stated on Wednesday that “Trump has a long way to go” to earn his support.

In March, Buck told 9NEWS he “won’t answer a hypothetical” when asked about Trump.

Buck, who helped orchestrate a victory for Ted Cruz in Colorado’s state GOP convention, said he was “disappointed” that Cruz dropped out this week.

“I believed he was the most conservative candidate,” Buck said in his statement Friday.