COLORADO POLITICS — Education ballot measure Initiative 93, also known as “Great Schools, Thriving Communities,” has qualified for the November general election, Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced Thursday.

Proponents believe the initiative will be titled Amendment 73 on the November ballot.

According to Williams, the ballot measure drew 179,390 signatures, which were turned in on July 11. Out of those signatures, 130,022 were deemed valid. A ballot measure must receive at least 98,492 valid signatures in order to qualify.

Because Initiative 93 seeks to change the state Constitution, it also had to bring in signatures from at least 2 percent of voters in each of the state’s 35 state Senate districts. The petitions met that requirement, too. In most Senate districts, there were at least 1,000 signatures over the required number.

Most discarded signatures were thrown out because the state Senate district of the signer could not be ascertained.

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