Hillary Clinton showcases her record as Secretary of State while bashing opponent Donald Trump in two similar ads airing in Colorado.

Each starts with a sound bite of Donald Trump saying either that he consults with himself or gets his information from watching “the shows.”

The ad then pivots to a series of claims the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee makes about her record.

(NOTE: You can watch the ads HERE and HERE)

CLAIM: Negotiated a cease fire in Gaza.

Secretary Clinton helped broker a deal between Israel and Hamas in 2012.

She worked with top Egyptian officials to bring an end to rocket attacks by Hamas. However the peace was short-lived and the deal fell apart about two years later.

CLAIM: Reduced nuclear weapons

Clinton is referencing her role in negotiating the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) in 2011.

The deal with Russia limited the number of strategic (i.e. long range) nuclear warheads held by each side.

Critics like Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, say the deal hasn’t done much to decrease the number of nuclear weapons.

New START doesn’t require its participants to destroy weapons, and the way it counts warheads meant that Russia was actually below the limits before the treaty took effect.

Since 2011, Russia has actually increased its warheads from 1,537 in February 2011 to 1,735 warheads in March 2016, according to an FAS report.

“The Obama administration so far has had the least effect on the size of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile of any of the post-Cold War presidencies,” Kristensen wrote in 2014. “In fact, in terms of warhead numbers, the Obama administration so far has cut the least warheads from the stockpile of any administration ever.”

CLAIM: Stood up to Putin

Clinton’s publicly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a bully and someone who must be contained.

That could be enough to rate this claim as true, but the ad implies that Clinton took on the Russian leader during her time as Secretary of State.

In 2009, Clinton handed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a gift meant to symbolize a reset in relations between our two countries.

Following that overture, Clinton helped negotiate the nuclear weapons treaty, and she helped Russia get into the World Trade Organization.

She may have had her reservations about Putin during her time as Secretary of State, but she didn’t air them publicly until after she left office. It also happened after Russian military activity toward Ukraine, which Clinton strongly criticized.

In other words, she had no official U.S. government role at that point, and was speaking merely as a private citizen.

CLAIM: Stood up against human trafficking

Clinton has a long track record of advocating against the trafficking of human beings.

During her time as first lady, Clinton made a point of visiting with trafficking victims during a state trip to Thailand.

She also penned an opinion piece in 2010 and urged action on the issue at a gathering of Methodist women in 2014.

What makes this an argument is that it’s hard to measure whether Clinton’s work on this issue has directly contributed to a reduction in trafficking worldwide.