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Interactive map: All the polling places and ballot drop boxes in Colorado

There are hundreds of voting options in Colorado for the 2021 election. Here is a map of their locations and hours.

DENVER — In addition to mailing in your ballot for the Nov. 2, 2021, election, you also have the option to leave it in one of more than 400 ballot drop boxes or to vote in person at any of 150 polling places in Colorado.

Every Colorado county has at least one of each option, and populated areas along the Front Range have dozens.

Mail ballots started going out to voters on Oct. 8. 

Oct. 25 is the last day to return a ballot by mail. After that date, you have to use a drop box or return the ballot in person.

State law only requires at least one drop box for counties with 15,000 or fewer active voters, which accounts for the apparent voting “deserts” seen in some rural parts of the state.

Click through the interactive map below for all of the polling places and ballot drop boxes in Colorado. By clicking on an icon, you can see the hours and dates when a voting location is open.

Some counties have a third option, where you can hand your ballot to a person. This is defined by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office as “a location established for the receipt of mail ballots under the supervision of a municipal clerk, election judges, a county clerk and recorder of a member of the clerk and recorder’s staff.”

Can't see the map? Click or tap here.

Colorado has a tool that allows voters to check their registration, track their ballot and find nearby in-person voting sites.

Click or tap here to access the tool.

This story includes previous reporting by Allison Sylte.


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