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Rising rent puts pressure on dance studio

The pressure of rising rent is hitting a Denver dance studio, but they aren't bowing out yet.

DENVER — A dance studio in Denver is feeling the ripple effects of a changing city.

Denver Dance Center's rent is going up in the fall but they're not ready for it. Owner Kris Kehl said she's trying everything she can to keep her doors open.

It's Kehl's 10th anniversary and she wants to have more but the city has grown faster than she can keep up.

"With the surge in the rental market here the rental rates are astronomical," she said her rent is going from $2,800 a month to $3,500.

"It's significant and we're barely holding on right now," she said.

Kehl has managed some adjustments here and there, but cutting anything else means her pianist would be out of a job. 

"We just can't keep up with this out of control cost that's happening," she said, "the arts can't do it."

She's raising money for rent and hopes to have a safeguard on her GoFundMe account. 

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