Five years after the tragedy at Sandy hook that took the lives of 20 children and six teachers, the organization known as Sandy Hook Promise has released another chilling Public Service Announcement.

The announcement lasts one-minute and 25 seconds and urges students, parents, and educators to take action today to prevent the tragedies of tomorrow.

In the video a news reporter interviews the public on "tomorrows news" and what they will say after the event occurs.

"He told some of us that his dad kept a gun in his closet and he always talked about using it on the people that bullied him," one male student says. "Tomorrow I’ll probably say that I wish I told someone."

When other students are interviewed they say "After the shooting, we will probably feel bad about picking on him but until then we will probably just keep doing it."

At the end of the video a mother is interviewed next to a school bus with her daughter on her lap, the reporter asks "How will you explain the shooting to your daughter?" The mother responds "Actually I won't get to explain it to her because...she won't make it."

The Sandy Hook Promise is an organization formed by families of victims involved in the shooting.