A New Mexico millionaire is refusing to call off a treasure hunt after a second man from Colorado has died looking for the fortune.

Forrest Fenn spoke off-camera with NBC News about the death of Colorado Pastor Paris Wallace. He said he believes 250,000 people have tried to find the treasure in northern New Mexico with the clues he's provided to find it.

Fenn called Wallace's death tragic and said people are still looking for the treasure because we all have some sense of adventure in us.

A fellow Grand Junction pastor called the loss of Wallace a shock. He went on to say he just stopped and tried to imagine if he was in Wallace's shoes - what would he want? It would be the bigger church to come around him, the pastor said.

Last year, another man from Colorado died searching for the treasure, which is supposedly near Santa Fe.

Fenn, meanwhile, said the treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place and added it's not in any place that an 80-year-old man couldn't put a 42-pound box.