GEORGETOWN — When the roads get bad, the first person to usually hear about it is Luisa Amy.

"They come in freaking out," Amy said. "Yeah, I mean it's your life. You know, it's your life out there."

She's a cashier at the Valero gas station in Georgetown, which is often times right in the middle of all the snow and wind.

"Very worried about people who are not from this area and don't know how to drive in these conditions," Amy said.

Saturday afternoon, a 20-car pileup near Frisco along with a separate 15-car crash near Silverthorne shut eastbound I-70 for hours. Two shelters were temporarily opened for stranded drivers.

Even after the highway re-opened, Dan Winn, driver, says it was still pretty sketchy around the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels.

"It's pretty white and really scary, but luckily, the plows are right in front of us and they gave us a nice escort," Winn said. "But, if you want to come up here and you don't have 4-wheel drive, I wouldn't recommend coming up here."

Georgetown Police Sergeant Jon Gaskins expects things to get worse overnight.

"I think with the conditions, it's supposed to drop down to a little below zero tonight, things will start freezing up," Gaskins said.

Frozen roads may potentially create more messes for drivers and for Amy who is forced to listen to the complaints.