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Texas family calls on hikers in Colorado to find their missing son

A Texas family is asking hikers out west -- including in Colorado -- to help find their missing son.
Dayne Herndon

HURST, Texas -- More than a week of worry has turned a dining room table in Hurst, Texas into the command center of a nationwide search.

Sandy McSpadden and Hap Herndon are the parents of Dayne Herndon. They, along with his step-parents and friends have sat together since Monday, Feb. 12 praying for good news. It was the last day anyone heard from their 24-year-old son.

"We know that he did not take his phone, he did not take his computer or his guitar," said Sandy, surprised that he'd leave his instrument behind. "I mean, he’s a musician. That’s his refuge."

Early that morning, he left some notes before driving off in his 2008 black Dodge Caliber, with a bright green bumper sticker saying ‘Yes Farms, Yes Food.’

"He loves natural settings, he loves the wilderness, he loves to be in that environment," said his father Hap. "He finds peace, he finds solitude, he finds energy in that."

For that reason, loved ones believe he’s traveling to National Parks out west. He’s not a danger to others, but their fear is he’s at risk of hurting himself. They heard nothing for a week, and as law enforcement worked to find him, Dayne’s step-mother Stacey, thought of another way to search.

A plea is posted on YouTube, specifically directed to hikers in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California, plus Arizona and New Mexico where Dayne was last seen. They're asking them to look for him while they're out in nature and to spread the word. With more than 13,000 views and countless shares, hikers have heard the call.

"It was like a heart touch," said Stacey, of the overwhelming response. "Here’s a kid who cares so much about the very things these people are out enjoying."

"People are on horseback, in certain areas and looking in mountains, and it’s unbelievable what people have done out there," said Hap.

There is only so much they can do from their dining room table in Texas. Dayne’s family now hopes that strangers hundreds of miles away will spot him, call police and get him home safe.

"There are so many people across this country praying for him. Family and friends and friends of friends and friends that are doing that," said Sandy. "I just hope Dayne can feel the love."