9NEWS thought, at first, that it was just the Home Shopping Network selling a Denver Broncos blanket with the wrong skyline.

Then someone pointed us to an eerily similar Kohl's blanket. So then, we started scouring the internet. Sure enough.

It's all over.

According to NFLShop.com, the blanket is made by The Northwest Company, an organization we're in the process of reaching out to - to try and make sense of this ridiculous mistake.

The Denver skyline isn't anywhere near as iconic as New York's, but it's still pretty darn recognizable - especially to locals.

A 9NEWS viewer originally pointed out the blunder and said it appeared on HSN Thanksgiving night for about a second. Then they went to look for it and pointed us to the questionable blanket.

The viewer checked their website and found this:

The SAME (almost) blanket at Kohl's (Photo: Kohl's)

We found another, but this time there's a helmet in front of (clearly) the same wrong skyline:

dope blanket_1511573821834.jpg
A screengrab of the HSN website selling a Salt Lake City(?) Broncos blanket. (Photo: HSN)

You could be forgiven if you glanced at it and didn't notice that's not Denver. And while we're sure there are Broncos fans in Salt Lake City, we don't think that's on purpose.

That's the Mormon Tabernacle there in the middle of the skyline, a dead giveaway to Utah's largest city.

9NEWS reached out to HSN to figure out what might have happened.

This is their measured response:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have reached out to the manufacturer to understand what happened and are in the process of removing it from our website. If we find that the image is incorrect, we will reach out to those customers impacted and offer them the option to exchange or return the item for a refund.

Sounds better than some apologies - and likely just an oversight. Still, you have to wonder how many people had their eyes on this product who've clearly never been to Denver.

Here's the same blanket for sale ON THE OFFICIAL NFL STORE:

Et tu, NFLShop.com? (Photo: NFLShop.com)
Et tu, NFLShop.com? (Photo: NFLShop.com)

The blanket says it's now 'sold out' on HSN's website. Interesting.

We're just tickled by the phrase 'officially licensed' they used to describe the blanket.

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9NEWS is in the process of reaching out to Kohl's and trying to find the blanket's manufacturer.