Time is running to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

'Star Wars and the Power of Costume' opened in November and gives people a chance to get an up-close look at many of the iconic costumes, their inspiration, and the process to bring them to life.

While there are no exact figures yet for how many people have passed by C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8, the museum says 40 percent of visitors had never been to the Denver Art Museum before.

The overall numbers have far exceeded even their expectations and that likely has to do with fans connection to the movies and its characters.

"There's a special nostalgia with Star Wars as opposed to Van Gogh, which you may not have as much of a personal connection as many of us do to Star Wars," Stefania Van Dyke, with the museum, said.

The exhibit is at the Denver Art Museum through April 9th.

Hours have been extended on the weekends.

You may want to check the museum's website and get yours right away since several of the remaining sessions have sold out.