At the Glenwood Springs Police Department, Lieutenant John Hassell is rolling out a new tool for police work.

It’s a mix between a bicycle and a motorcycle that's charging up their police calls at the department with four new electric bikes – or E-Bikes.

The bikes are equipped with pedals, but also run on a fast 25 mile-per-hour electric engine.

The idea is to get police to emergencies faster while the Grand Avenue Bridge is taken down and a new bridge is put into place, causing big traffic delays along detours.

“In and out of traffic, on the paths, along sidewalks and through the streets at a relatively quick pace,” Hassell said.

Electric super-bikes
Electric super-bikes

The bikes come with sirens, lights and plenty of power in case they need to chase down bad guys – which police have already started doing.

“We have had ambulances assist. We have arrested people for DUI. We have responded to fights in progress,” Hassell said.

When they get where they’re going, police won’t be worn out from peddling in body armor and 25 pounds of police gear.

“When we get there we’re not out of breath and sweaty. We can get there and do just like we would with a car,” Hassell said.

Along with police, the fire department bought two of the bikes to help them get to emergencies faster.