The hallways of Colorado Children’s Hospital are filled with happiness, sadness, and everything in between.

Hope Hartman and Amie Colen are doing their best to spread smiles to the patients this snowy Thursday in late December.

“We’ll go to this one,” says Amie, pointing to a list of rooms the two floating volunteers will visit.

As floaters, they can do all manner of jobs.

“From walking around local celebrities,” explains Amie, “or helping kids with homework, delivering goods, or gifts or flowers. It’s literally whatever the hospital needs that day."

They are just a couple in an army of over 1,600 people who donate their time to Children’s Hospital throughout the year.

According to calculations suggested by Colorado Association of Hospitals, volunteer hours at Children’s in 2016 equated to $4,763,600.

Amie and Hope aren’t here to help the hospitals budget though.

“We just come in and we just try and have the time that we’re with them be the most positive,” explains Hope.

Their efforts can’t be missed when you see the beaming smiles on the faces of the kids they visit. A visit from these benevolent women is so uplifting; the kids even laugh at their dad jokes!

“We often don’t know what’s necessarily ailing them,” says Amie, “but if we can just be a bright spot, if we can distract them, and tell them terrible jokes, nine times out of ten they’ll give you a huge smile.”

This Thursday, the pair are handing out Care Cards. A note with a picture from friends and family handed out to the kids by volunteers. In reality, the cards are just a reason to get them in the room.

A means to an end of getting the number of tears down, and the number of smiles up.

If you pass these two doing their thing; it’s plain to see, and hear that they’re succeeding in their mission.

“This is truly magical,” says Hope.

Amie agrees, “it’s part of us now.”

If you want to join the volunteer program at any of Children’s campuses around the front range, click this link.