There are lots of reasons to be thankful for why we live in Colorado.

The beautiful mountain views and abundant outdoor activities. The many microbreweries. And the fact that there aren’t giant, venomous cobras in our toilets.

Such is the plight of one YouTube user in South Africa, who captured a terrifying video of a snake handler trying to pull a venomous 8-foot-long snouted cobra from his toilet.

This all went down last Thursday morning, a local news station reports.

It did not have a happy ending. Apparently, the cobra “got agitated and fought back” and got back into the sewer system. People still don’t know where the snake is – and are obviously a little freaked out.

If you want to start your day with a little excitement, you can watch the incident in the video below:

Can't see the YouTube video? Click here:

Read the local news report about the incident here: (yes ... ‘toilet snake’ is in the headline).