ARVADA - The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities is known for its sculpture art in the open field adjacent to Wadsworth Boulevard.

As of Thursday, there's a new art installment of sorts, and the city hopes it will draw some attention to a common problem that ... well ... stinks.

More than 600 orange marking flags are now planted in the field just north of West 68th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada. Each one represents a pile of dog poop left behind by a careless owner.

"Our parks crews were out here the other day getting ready to prepare, aerate the soil and such," said Arvada spokeswoman Maria VanderKolk. "They decided a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's put up a little orange stake every time we see a pile of animal waste."

That's 600 piles of poo left behind by pet owners.

The city posted on their Facebook page about the flags on Thursday, saying in part, "They weren't left by the poop fairy!"

"It tells the story better than any words could do. You have 600 orange flags right next to a trash can," VanderKolk said. "So what we're really asking people to do is look at this and realize what you're doing."

The city reminded dog owners they can be fined up to $999 for not picking up dog waste.

Perhaps the biggest irony is that the 600 piles of doggie doo were found right next to a public trash can and plastic bag dispenser.

"It's gross. It's bad for the environment," VanderKolk said. "It's just not being a good neighbor."

She added the city employees will volunteer some time next week to pick up the ... residue.