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Baby named after car

CHICAGO - Little Claire Camryn Russell will never forget where she was born.

The infant was born earlier this week on the way to the hospital in her mother's Toyota Camry, hence the name "Camryn."

It all started with some mild contractions early Tuesday morning.

By late afternoon Leslie Russell knew it was time.

Her mom picked her up and they were on their way to the hospital.

Russell knew there wasn't much time so they pulled up to the University of Chicago Medical center, screaming for help.

The one person walking by happened to be Dr. Heather Johnston, a University of Chicago pediatrician.

Right there in the front seat of the Camry, Dr. Johnston helped guide baby Claire into the world.

"It was fortuitous. I guess she was supposed to be born at that moment, at that exact time, probably one of the best team's you could have for a delivery in America's most reliable vehicle," Leslie Russell said. "If she's upset with me later, I'll tell her she's lucky she wasn't born in a Daewoo!"

Claire was not breathing when she was born and Dr. Johnston had to perform cpr before paramedics arrived.

Both mom and baby now are doing great.