Despite decades in the spotlight and millions of albums sold, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox minor league baseball team would still like Fergie to audition to sing the National Anthem before one of their games.

The artist, who's been on many nationwide tours, gave a polarizing and enigmatic performance of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game Monday night. It was memorable if nothing else. She apologized and says she tried her best.

The Sky Sox would like her to try-out to be a singer before one of their games.

In a letter addressed to "Dearest Fergie," the team has made it sound like some sort of American Idol audition:

"Only TRADITIONAL renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner" will be considered for selection," they write. "Your performance will be determined by a panel of guest judges, so make sure you stick to the script!"

The bold and underline in their statement was not 9NEWS' emphasis. Likely, they're referring to Fergie's choice to go "jazzy" with her version.

The team refers to her version as "not exactly a 'hit single', or even a 'bunt single'" they at least acknowledge that she's an artist.

"You're an artist, took a risk and deserve another shot in the spotlight," they write.

The team is trying to get the "My Humps" singer to come audition and they're asking for YOUR help. If you want a chance to hear the star singe the National Anthem again, retweet this Sky Sox tweet to try and get her attention.

They've invited her to come to the Chapel Hills Mall on Saturday, March 3 - between the hours of noon and 3 p.m. - to get up on stage and try and sing the anthem again. They' included other stipulations ("NO BEATBOXERS") and add that she should stick to the script.