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DIA jokingly reveals location of Illuminati meetings

There was also bad news: A Cinnabon is not in the works.

The phrase “won the internet” is one of the most overused and cliched in digital media at this point, so we will not use it to describe this tweet.

What we will say is that it’s pretty funny, so we’re showing it to you if you didn’t see it, since there's enough bad news in the world, and sometimes you just need a laugh.

You might have heard the conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport, which involve everyone from hidden tunnels to creepy paintings to a New World Airport Order to aliens to a weirdly-shaped runway. Here’s a Buzzfeed article that pretty much sums everything up: http://bzfd.it/2nN2svR

To its credit, the folks on DIA’s social media team have always been able to joke about the theories, and even did so via an epic April Fools’ Day prank back in 2015.

During a Twitter chat on Tuesday, it was kind of inevitable that the conspiracies would come up, and DIA handled it expertly.

It began with this question: “Where will the Illuminati hold their secret rituals? And will there be a Cinnabon?”

DIA’s response?

“The Illuminati meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month in room 659. Still no Cinnabon. #AskDEN.”

Well played, DIA. And godspeed to everyone who does actually go to room 659 to find the Illuminati meeting in a couple weeks. Be sure to upload your photos to yourtake.9news.com.

You can see more serious questions in the Twitter chat here: http://bit.ly/2nOz9c2

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