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Dog pulls baby out of house fire

PADUCAH, Ky. - A family in near Paducah, Kentucky lost everything they own in a house fire this week but they are thankful that everyone got out alive.

Michelle Breiding's granddaughter Samara cried nearly all morning.

The little girl spent the night with her granny because after a fire at her home, she has nothing but the blue outfit she's got on.

"That's about it, that's all they got they don't have nothing else. They don't have clothes, they don't have food, all their toys are gone," said Breiding.

Michelle's son Jason was cooking when he says a grease fire started.

At first it didn't seem too bad, so he tried to contain it.

"I was trying to do anything I could to put it out, that's what was going through my mind," said Jason Breiding.

And while Jason battled to save his home, his wife Heather grabbed their three month old son and made it outside.

He assumed their 1-year-old daughter was with them.

But, turns out the little girl was with another member of the family.

"He grabbed the back of the diaper, put his teeth through the back of the diaper and didn't even touch here, and pulled her into the living room," said Jason.

Jason scooped up Samara and then holding his daughter tight, watched as their home burned.

Nothing was able to be saved, but Jason has his wife, and two kids and a dog, he's says he's indebted to.

He's already got his kids names tattooed on his body, and says the family pet might be next.

"I wasn't gonna but I think I will, he's a part of the family now," said Jason./>

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