Seriously, who steals a cat? Someone in Denver did.

We can't call the suspect a cat burglar because the family was home when he ran into their backyard and stole their kitten.

We can't make this stuff up.

The man got nabbed for stealing the kitten once police showed up to his home and found kitty litter scattered over his driveway.

On July 18, a family called Denver police on a reported theft from their home on North Wabash Street.

The victim told police his daughter was in the yard with their 5-month-old cat when a suspect came into the yard and ran off with their cat - hopping in a vehicle to make a getaway.

Denver Police Officer Everett Moore was assigned to the feline caper.

The family told Officer Moore they were willing to drop any charges as long as their kitty was returned safely.

Thanks to a good suspect vehicle description and license plate number, Officer Moore tracked down a listed address for the vehicle in Aurora.

With a little help from APD, Officer Moore went to the listed address and discovered a vehicle matching the description given by the family, as well as kitty litter scattered around the driveway.

DENVER CAT STOLEN_1502999925581.jpg
Denver Police were able to track down a man who stole someone's cat from their backyard.

As Officer Moore asked the man who answered the door if he had recently gotten a cat, the stolen kitty walked up to the door and sat down.

The man turned the kitten over to Officer Moore who reunited it with its rightful family, who were in tears upon hearing the news!