Wildlife in Colorado is a lot of things: majestic, awe-inspiring, incredible and must be respected.

A lot of times, especially during summers, tourists and even some residents seem to forget that wildlife should be given a wide berth. It's important to keep animals' healthy sense of fear to keep them from coming too close to humans - be it foxes in Grand Teton National Park or the monthly story about a bear digging through trash, locking itself in the car or even attacking a family.

A reminder can be helpful in this.

Usually, it's Colorado Parks and Wildlife using a tragic situation as a lesson.

Jeffco Open Space, however, took a different tact. Hopping on the ol' Twitter account, a staffer there used #wildlifewednesday and Wednesday's unofficial moniker - "Hump Day" - to remind people simultaneously about the need to keep wildlife wild and that bear mating season is May to early July.

And the picture they used?

A photo of bears... uhm... mating. And boy, oh, boy, is the male enjoying himself:

How's it goin' there, fella? (Photo: JCOS/Twitter)
How's it goin' there, fella? (Photo: JCOS/Twitter)

By the way, if you didn't know, colloquially, Wednesday is known as "hump day." As in, it's the middle of the week, so once it's over you are "over the hump" of the week.

Here's the full tweet, in all its ursine glory: