A man who left a tip of more than $1,000 on his $46 takeout order returned the next morning to take that money back.

The man came into Thailicious in Edgewater Monday night.

"He sat at the bar and then he ordered a couple wines, while he was waiting," said Bee who works at the restaurant.

He settled his bill in cash and also tucked cash into the ticket book before he left.

Skye Seumptewa opened up that book.

"Even on the video ( surveillance video from the restaurant), I look really surprised," she said. "I like opened the book and then shut it really quick, just like, no, that didn't really happen."

But it did happen. Bee described what they found inside.

"10 of $100s and some $20s and some $1s."

It added up to over $1,000. Employees were obviously excited.

"We thought he was just some super loaded dude, who wanted to make our night," said Skye.

They were also skeptical.

"He ( the server) was so excited about it. He said he's heard of the stories like this, but not with this much money. Like $400. This was something huge, " said Bee. "I said maybe we should wait because that's too much money. Let's wait to see if he comes back or not."

They didn't have to wait long, the man came back the very next morning.

"He came in and asked for the money back," said Bee. "He said if we saw any of it on the floor or somewhere. He thought he lost it. He said he was a little drunk, and I think he believed that he counted 20 bills of money so I think that he believed that it was all singles."

Employees gave the customer his money back, but there are no hard feelings. He gave them a large, but more reasonable tip of about $70.

"Many people have said we have a right to keep the money, since it was already in the checkbook, " said Bee. "I believe in karma so if it's not ours then we should give it back. He's still welcome."