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A roundup of Squirrel Appreciation Day posts (because it’s a thing that exists)

Jan. 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day, and lots of different brands came together to appreciate squirrels.

DENVER — Look, every day is some sort of appreciation day. Sometimes they’re literally days to drive engagement for brands – we’re looking at you National Doughnut Day and National Margarita Day – and sometimes they’re just kinda these obscure oddities that pop up in your newsfeed.

Squirrel Appreciation Day definitely falls under the “obscure” category … and that’s why it was certainly intriguing to see Denver Water get in on the action. Of course, the utility was not alone in celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Denver residents, 9NEWS, and even law enforcement came together to celebrate squirrels. Here’s a roundup of some of Tuesday's best Squirrel Appreciation Day content.

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But remember: Every day is Squirrel Appreciation Day if you get a picture of a squirrel. Email it to yourtake@9news.com.

The educational 

Rocky Mountain National Park informed us that there are different types of squirrels and taught us how to identify them. 

Thanks to Rocky Mountain National Park, you can now tell a chipmunk from a golden-mantled ground squirrel. 

U.S. Fish and Wildlife also got in on the squirrel action ... but unlike Rocky Mountain National Park, this agency didn't provide the answers so easily. 

Squirrels are all around us 

Denver Water shared a picture of a squirrel in Waterton Canyon, a place where it's very likely to spot this not-so-rare creature. 

9NEWS Digital Producer Dacia Johnson, who loves to name animals, shared this photo of Roxanne. Roxanne hangs around her house in Denver and likes to steal the Cheerios Dacia throws in her yard for her pet pig, Paxton (you can follow Paxton on Instagram HERE). 

Credit: Dacia Johnson, KUAS
Roxanne the squirrel surveys a yard for Cheerios. She is intuitive and wise.

9Wants to Know's Jeremy Jojola, meanwhile, saw the consummate LoDo squirrel. 

Everyone needs a little help, even squirrels 

Local sheriff's offices used squirrel appreciation day to appreciate their officers, who rescued squirrels from tough situations. 

Here's a baby squirrel getting some dinner. You're welcome. 

And here are some baby squirrels that fell out of their nest. They were later sent to a rehabilitation center. 

An animal that connects with an American icon

Colorado Public Television provided us an incredible image of Bob Ross getting closer to nature. 

A day to reflect 

Elsewhere on Twitter, folks in Denver wondered why the Avalanche weren't making awesome shirts celebrating squirrels. It's their day, after all! 

One guy had some ... not great advice. 

And one person just had some questions. 

Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day, Colorado! No matter how you celebrate, make it a Squirrel Appreciation Day to remember! 

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