Lil B The BasedGod has - thankfully - blessed the Denver Nuggets starting in 2018. This comes after an end of year faux pas committed by the Nuggets Twitter team against Lil B cost them a game against the 76ers (who were playing without their MVP Joel Embiid).

But what does this mean? First, a quick trip down memory lane:

NBA fans will remember the Kevin Durant-Lil B feud and curse that kept KD from winning a championship for years - YEARS - until the beef was squashed, KD was traded to the Warriors, and the rest is history.

Those new to the internet/Twitter/rap icon that is Lil B will need to know two basic things: 1. the man is an enigma of positive energy and 2. you do not want to diss Lil B in any way.

His Twitter bio says he's "a mogul, first rapper ever to write and publish a book at 19, film score, composer, director/photo/branding/marketing/historical online figure."

You can learn a lot about him by watching the video to his smash hit "I Love You:"


The short-lived beef between the Nuggets and Lil B started off with Lil B's Twitter list of #Blessed NBA teams posted on December 30. The Nuggets were not on that list.

The Memphis Grizzlies replied by posting a gif of a bunch of puppies asking for help - they received. The Sixers, Warriors and other teams on the list all accepted their accolades in various ways.

The tweet quickly went viral - fans and teams around the league reacted. alternatively thanking Lil B for his blessing or asking for one if their teams were left off the list. It was all very wholesome.

But... the Nuggets had the audacity to ask "Who is Lil B?" while playing the Sixers.

Our Denver team was dominating for the vast majority of the game. Then, for the final ten minutes, the team couldn't make anything happen. They would lose the game 107-102:

After Lil B cursed the Nuggets, they dropped their game against the 76ers. Coincidence? Maybe. (Photo: Google)
After Lil B cursed the Nuggets, they dropped their game against the 76ers. Coincidence? Maybe. (Photo: Google)

The first response to the team's question about Lil B was a call for the social media team to be fired.

Twitter's reaction to the loss was swift and severe:

Thankfully, whoever runs the Twitter account had enough sense - after the loss - to ask for forgiveness from the BasedGod:


A few hours after the loss, Malik Beasley came forward on Twitter to reaffirm the fact that there wasn't any lingering beef between the Nuggets nor Lil B.

"Lol we good big bro, me and him good 💯 we followed each other when i ws down at Fsu," Beasley tweeted after his sister begged Lil B to remove the curse.

"FACTS U NO I GOT LOVE FOR THE NUGGETS MAN!!!!! - Lil B," came the reply.

But it wasn't just the Nuggets (who are now #10 on the list of blessed NBA teams) getting love from the BasedGod.

NASCAR also got a boon from the mogul:

And, finally, it looks like the Colorado Rockies are hoping for some help for their 2018 season: