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Those mystery lights in northern Colorado were balloons

They weren't stars. They weren't planes. They were… balloons!

Something strange twinkled in the sky above northern Colorado this weekend. Two bright lights caught a lot of people’s attention Saturday night. They weren’t stars. They weren’t planes.

They were… balloons!

Sunday afternoon, a spokesman confirmed the balloons belonged to a company called “Loon.” They are part of the company’s mission to expand internet access across the world.

Similar to a cell tower, but floating in the sky, Loon said the balloons can help extend internet access across the world.

“Using a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, Loon works with mobile network operators to expand coverage to unserved and underserved populations, upgrade existing networks, and provide expedient coverage after natural disasters,” a spokesman said by email.

A look at the balloons in the sky. Courtesy: Loon

Recently, Loon said it provided connectivity to victims of Hurricane Maria after the storm devastated Puerto Rico in 2017. The company plans to bring balloon-powered internet to parts of Kenya in 2019.

When asked why the balloons were flying over Colorado Saturday night, a spokesman said the company is testing equipment. A spokesman said the balloons first took off from a launch site in Winnemucca, Nevada.

A look at the balloons in the sky. Courtesy: Loon

Loon said the balloons usually fly around 60,000 feet in the air – above commercial air traffic, wildlife and weather events.

In the right conditions, Loon said the balloons can be seen from the ground... kind of like what happened in northern Colorado.

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