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We hope DIA isn't trying to tell us the end times are 'coming soon'

DIA tweeted a cryptic photo of closed eyes. Is it a new art installation, or a clue about the end times? It depends on your sense of humor (or lack thereof).
Credit: Twitter

DENVER — Look, we all know that Denver International Airport has a creepy reputation. After all, its mascot is a blue horse with demon eyes that killed its creator, and even though they claim there’s a logical explanation for the “New World Airport Order” thing … that doesn’t hide the fact it sounds like a secret underground conspiracy from a Dan Brown novel.

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But, give the airport credit where its due: like Taylor Swift’s embrace of the whole snake narrative, DIA turned the Illuminati rumors into a whole ad campaign touting its upcoming renovations.

Here’s a peek, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Now, one could make the argument that DIA is embracing the conspiracies around its reputation to throw us off of their trail, but we won’t get into that.

Instead, let’s discuss the latest development in what DIA’s illuminati marketing department has hashtagged #DENFiles.

It was tweeted at 3 p.m. on Monday. It features a closeup shot of closed on eyes on what may or may not be a gargoyle.

The caption simply says “coming soon.” If it’s referring to the apocalypse, I’m hoping writing this post up won’t make me lose my spot in the bunker!

Kidding (or not) aside, it is cryptic. The eyes look like the type of creepy art installation that DIA would embrace. Or perhaps it’s one that already exists?

It bears similarities to Greg the gargoyle, who showed up at the airport and disappeared within 24 hours. The coloring is similar, but there’s something different about the eyes.

Perhaps this is another gargoyle, like the ones above baggage claim (something that’s totally normal and useful for an airport to have).

Some Twitter users compared the cryptic photo to a yeti that is in the Redmond airport. In this case, the statue’s eyes are open – which contrasts the still photo in the DIA tweet.

Being an enterprising journalist, I did a quick Google Reverse image search of the eyes. This yielded no results, unless you count “close-up” and some creepy photos of eyes.

Credit: Google
A Google reverse image search of a DIA tweet yielded no results.

Perhaps we must be patient and wait for time to tell us the message DIA is trying to convey.

Or we should hurry, because it’s always possible they’re referring to the end times and we don't want the battle for limited space in the bunkers to be a Fyre Festival redux. 

(Author's note: if you don't think this article was written slightly tongue-in-cheek, this is me telling you it is ... or that I'm part of the conspiracy). 

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