Back in December, Wants to Know highlighted some true heroes that often go unnoticed.

We’re talking, of course, about the comedic genius who runs the Cheyenne Police Department Facebook page.

For those of you new to the area, Cheyenne is the capitol of Wyoming. It’s actually a pretty fun place to hang out in – and it’s just across the Colorado border, so it’s like an out-of-state vacation without too much travel time.

During our previous love letter to the Cheyenne Police Department, we highlighted how they manage to both inform their community while being hilarious.

This remains true, so here are more Cheyenne Police Department Facebook posts that show they are the true heroes of the internet (you know how Buzzfeed is obsessed with Chrissy Teigen? The Cheyenne Police Department is’s Chrissy Teigen only they are not married to John Legend, as far as we know).

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“… Your penguin is going to love this”

This post was inspired by some A+ content posted by the Cheyenne Police Department on Monday regarding the slickness of Cheyenne’s roads.

It also included the line “the temps are supposed to get even colder tonight, so bring your pets inside. Unless your pet is a penguin, in which case your penguin is going to love this.”

You can’t see this incredible piece of work? Our bad. Click here:

“ … if you know the cheap tippers”

Social media shaming goes a long way, and the Cheyenne Police Department excels at it with the right amount of snark and poetry.

This person stole garlic bread … and only tipped $1 (even though it wasn’t even their money!).

Can’t see the bad tipper? Click here:

Valentine’s Day advice from a cop

The Cheyenne Police Department really just wants the world to find love. Their Valentine’s Day post has some valuable advice, such as “It’s Valentine’s Day. If you have a significant other expecting a gift, please avoid a domestic disturbance and just get them a gift.”

Learn some love hacks here:

Name those pixels!

People who are truly funny are the most self-aware. And the Cheyenne Police Department gets that most surveillance photos are laughably bad.

Can you identify this suspect? Probably not, but you can see the post here:

Dubbing over a silent porch pirating video

Yup … the Cheyenne Police Department makes Chrissy Teigen seem like your grandma who just got a Twitter account when it comes to being the funniest thing that ever existed on the internet.

Listen to this porch pirating video for proof:

Listen with your sound on:

There’s no need to sample

The Cheyenne Police Department showed that one suspect took a new approach to taking a bite out of crime “literally.”

Can’t see why you shouldn’t sample the backseats of police cruisers? Click here:

And this concludes our latest love letter to the Cheyenne Police Department. Keep doing you, and keep rockin’ it, Cheyenne.