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Artist identifies 2 new places where Breckenridge troll might go

Isak Heartstone is headed to a storage facility until the Breckenridge town council can figure out what to do with him.

KUSA — The great troll which has presided over Breckenridge much to the delight of Instagrammers far and wide has been dismantled ... but not all hope is lost, according to the artist.

The troll is being stored at a storage facility in the mountain town, and could be moved to Illinois Creek behind the ice arena or along the river trail near the recreation center, according to artist Thomas Dambo.

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Breckenridge’s town council ultimately decided to move the troll, named “Isak Heartstone,” after he became a tourist attraction that rankled residents, who complained about illegal parking, littering and crowds.

There were also safety concerns with people hiking the snowy half-mile trail to the troll without wearing the proper footwear and getting hurt.

Workers dismantled Isak piece-by-piece on Thursday. He had been installed as part of a summer art festival that ended in August and cost $40,000.

A spokesperson for the town of Breckenridge told 9NEWS that the two locations named by the artist are just possibilities and that they will consider feedback from other people in town before making a final decision.

Regardless, there's no date on when the troll will be reconstructed, but it will likely be after the winter months.

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