One woman in Grand Junction has a new meaning for the phrase "window shopping."
A family treasure Jane Fine-Foster thought had been lost forever has been returned to her home, thanks to a stroll she took down Grand Junction's Main street.

"To say I was shocked, stunned, near paralyzed is an understatement," said Fine-Foster. "I actually screamed out loud."
She was browsing the display in the window of A Robin's Nest Antiques, when she spotted a photo of a woman in a wedding gown.

Grand Junction wedding dress_1486748735912.jpg
<p>Courtesy: NBC 11 News, KKCO, in Grand Junction</p>

"I just kept, looking and looking again - can that be? Of course it can be it was my mom," she said.
It was a photo of her mother, which had been missing ever since being auctioned off when the family forgot to make a payment on a storage locker more than a decade ago.

"I grabbed her picture and held it tight to me because it was such an amazing coincidence," Jane said.

Little did she know, the store full of treasures had one more surprise.

"We had the wedding dress of the lady, the same dress that was in the picture. We just gave it to her," said Shane Allergeiligen, the owner of A Robin's Nest Antiques.

The dress was still wrapped in the original newspaper, dated June 22, 1948 - two days after her mother's wedding.

"I asked them, what do you want me to pay you to have this wedding dress back to our family and they said there is no price - it's home," said Fine-Foster.

Jane has plans to make Christmas ornaments out of the dress for everyone in her family so it can continue to be passed down.