It’s the picture that’s gone viral this week. A photo of a father saving his son from a flying bat that could have done big damage.

The father’s lightning-quick reflexes have some referring to him as “Bat Dad.” Child and family therapist Dr. Sheryl Ziegler says all parents are capable of the same heroic act.

“I think every parent really does have that in them. And he really exemplified that,” said Ziegler who is founder and managing director of The Child & Family Therapy Center at Lowry.

Ziegler was amazed by the video just like Ron Harman King, CEO of Vanguard Communications . In the moment that the bat went flying towards the child, he was texting a photo of a baseball player to his mom.

“Thank goodness dad wasn’t texting too,” King said.

To see more of Ziegler’s and King’s comments about this and other hot topics of the week, watch the above video.