A Denver Public Schools student recently stirred up controversy with her art project. It depicted a police officer wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood and pointing a gun at an unarmed minority child in front of a Confederate flag.

The artwork was on display at the city’s Wellington Web building until the complaints started to come. Residents and police officers took offense, causing so much controversy that the student artist asked for her artwork to be taken down. But was that really the right move?

Psychologist Dr. Sheryl Ziegler of The Child and Family Therapy Center and Lowry thinks that art is a good form of expression for children; however, she disagrees with the student’s painting being placed in a public building frequented by law enforcement officers.

“I think that having it placed in the building that it was, is disrespectful to police officers,” Dr. Ziegler said.

Public Relations expert Ron Harman King of Vanguard Communications disagrees. He thinks the student’s artwork deserves protection as freedom of speech, no matter where it’s displayed.

“What do we have a First Amendment for? It’s to protect all expression, not just nice things that people say,” King said.