UPDATE: Maybe you saw a story on Next Monday night about millennials not being able to screw in light bulbs. A lot of people were mad, so we're bringing this back. If you want to become enraged and are a millennial, click here: http://on9news.tv/2uMfJH7

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So maybe you’ve seen that video on 9NEWS.com from Tuesday morning dealing with millennials.

Ok, there are lots of stories about millennials that are posted all the time (calling all avocado toast aficionados!), but this one might take the cake. The headline? “Don’t ask millennials to change a light bulb, they don’t know how.

Some folks saw this on the 9NEWS Twitter feed, and were rightfully kind of confused (I’m only posting the comments without profanity for obvious reasons, but the ones with swearing are funny and you can see the whole (admittedly brutal) thread here: http://bit.ly/2sXTuOs).

So yeah … this kind of struck a chord.

Here’s the basic gist of the video they're all ragging on: A faucet brand surveyed 2,000 people. Millennials said they couldn’t do basic stuff like build shelves or put up Ikea furniture … or screw in light bulbs.

Some of them also said they were afraid of Home Depot.

Sure, there are YouTube tutorials, but the video says millennials are easily distracted …

Wait … what were we talking about again?

Oh right. Light bulbs. And millennials being too afraid to go to Home Depot to buy more when theirs burn out (and not even being able to afford homes anyway because ... avocado toast).

Here’s the deal: it’s easy to see why this video might be a stretch – and the headline a little bit misleading. So, we asked for some help proving it from our Facebook community -- and not only is it safe to say, yes, millennials can change light bulbs -- but they also do a whole lot more.

You can check out the whole thread of comments here -- it's actually pretty inspiring, in a lot of ways.

To start, here’s 9NEWS Interactive Media Producer Amanda Kesting screwing in a light bulb. She did a great job – and even went back to work right afterward!

You go, Amanda! This room wont' be dark for much longer! 

Viewer Marcus Snedeger took this a step further. Not only can he screw in light bulbs, he can build his own lamps! And they're pretty adorable!

Melissa Goff didn't just change one light bulb. She changed three -- and she's probably going to go crazy and change even more!

Richard Jones showed all of us up by changing a really big and pretty light bulb!

Ok, so we've seen lots of millennials who can change light bulbs. That's obvious. But meet some millennials who can do much, much more.

Devon Ibarra? He's clearly gone to Home Depot.

Speaking of Home Depot, next time you're there, maybe get some tips from Josh Hansen ...

And Devon Horntvedt? This guy has done a whole bunch of home improvement projects -- and it's pretty impressive.

Imma Wu didn't post a photo of herself changing a light bulb, but if you need someone to fix a printer in your office, she's your gal!

Taylor Patterson is installing plumbing for a new bathroom.

Krystallin Hope Aspen Baker is outdoing all of us by being her own mechanic (don't worry though: she can change a light bulb too).

And as for Anna Klausmeyer? She's just a cool person. We'll let her tell you what she's up to (no word though on light bulbs, but honestly, who cares).

As for the millennial who wrote this story? Well, I work in social media and took a psych class once, so I'm basically your worst nightmare (for the record though, I did change two light bulbs that belong to Ikea lamps I built this very weekend ... and even used to work at Home Depot!).

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