You’ve probably seen people talking about the Florida school shooting online. That happens a lot after a national tragedy. But is it enough? 9NEWS reporter Chris Vanderveen shares his take:

I'm tired.

Tired of words.

Tired of prayers.

Tired of posts.

Today, every one of us remains one click away from self-satisfaction - from that feeling that tells us, “Well, we did what we could.”

What more would you have me do?

We are nothing more than Facebook activists sitting in our self-manufactured thrones, hoping for nothing more than our social media subjects to somehow click "LIKE” – a split-second gesture that requires no thought, no curiosity, and perhaps, most importantly, no action.

Kids are dead, again.

I'm mad - as mad as a Peter Finch was in 1976, when he uttered the now infamous line, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore."

Back then, the actor told his TV audience to get up out of their chairs, open their windows and yell that line.

Some did.

Today, that would probably require too much effort. Why open a window, when we can sit comfortably in our chairs, share a post that might not even be accurate, and then feel - not just high, not just mighty, but like we've done something.

Well, today, that something might as well be nothing.

America, we have a problem.

Violence continues to define us. Murders, suicides…

And if all you care to do about it is share another Facebook meme, then you are part of the problem.

Get… mad… Mad as hell if need be.

And then offer something more substantive than words, and prayers, and posts.

Do something more than sit on your ass and expect.