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Lloyd Claycomb II appointed to Adventist World Aviation Board of Directors

SPONSORED POST: CEO and Chairman of the Board for United Builders Service, Inc., Lloyd Claycomb II, had been appointed to Adventist World Aviation board of directors. 

<p><strong>Lloyd Claycomb II Appointed to Adventist World Aviation Board of Directors</strong></p>


CEO and Chairman of the Board for United Builders Service, Inc., Lloyd Claycomb II, had been appointed to Adventist World Aviation board of directors. Lloyd is a highly successful business man with a strong passion for philanthropy. Taking on this new leadership role will be an exciting opportunity to merge two prominent areas of his life together.

Adventist World Aviation is a non-profit organization and a supporting ministry of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. AWA was founded in 1995 by the General Conference president, Robert S. Folkenberg, and his administration to meet the demands of isolated frontier missionaries in need of air support. According to their website, AWA provides support to isolated communities in a number of different ways, including: “medical evacuations; medical outreach, such as vaccinations and general clinics; dental outreach; lifestyle and health programs.”

AWA currently operates 13 aircraft at eight sites in four different countries. Lloyd Claycomb II, in addition to financial contributions and service through the board, plans to donate his time as a pilot on his own private jet to help the organization and all they people in need of their services.

In reference to Lloyd’s consistent support and recent appointment to the board, President and CEO of Adventist World Aviation said, "We look forward to what we can accomplish together. Exciting days ahead!"

Lloyd has always leveraged his business success and community ties to best serve the needs of various philanthropic efforts. Alongside his wife, Karen, Lloyd Claycomb II has taken every opportunity to support charitable initiatives and community causes. His latest large donation of time and resources to Adventist World Aviation is a testament to his longstanding commitment to making a difference in communities worldwide – one charitable cause at a time.

Lloyd Claycomb II’s philanthropist track record is just as impressive as his business one. His donations of time and money have cultivated meaningful change both locally and abroad. Some of the most notable charities he has been involved with include, Our Children International, Maranatha International Volunteers, and Our Warriors at Home.

“It has, without a doubt, been a great and exciting month for me; helping my friend Donald Trump become our President, being appointed as National Director to The Navy League, becoming a board member for the wonderful Maricopa Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, and now sitting on the board to this incredible God based Christian organization, solely committed to helping the impoverished all over the world. I have been blessed in many ways and it's my honor and privilege to give back my time and money to these incredible organizations,” said Claycomb.

Following Lloyd Claycomb II’s recent appointment as President Trump’s 2016 State Victory Finance Chairman and Transition Finance Committee, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Builders Service, Inc., Claycomb has a growing interest in using his developing political career and influence to actively help communities in the United States and abroad. This opportunity is the beginning of a new chapter of social initiatives and ongoing financial support that aims to promote health, equal opportunities, and a foundation for the future.

You can find Lloyd on Twitter @lloyd_claycomb

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