The biggest star for the Colorado Rockies finally got his wish. And no, we're not talking about any of the team's players that made it to the All-Star game. We're talking about the now famous 2-year-old, Tommy Carlson.

You might know him better as "Charlie Blackmon kid", who finally got to meet the guy he was screaming about in what has become a viral video online. It was a special moment for both parties involved.

"It was very nice to meet him," Charlie Blackmon told reporters afterwards. "He's pretty famous now. I feel like he's been on TV more than the Rockies have lately."

When Carlson first yelled at the TV for the Rockies outfielder during the MLB All-Star game, he probably never thought he'd get to meet him just over a week later.

But, after the adorable clip made its way around the internet, the Rockies decided to invite the super fan to Coors Field to come face-to-face with his bearded idol.

"He was a little timid," Blackmon said. "I'm a little more scary in person than I am on TV. But, I really enjoy working with kids. I don't have to be too serious."

Carlson got to spend several minutes with Blackmon in the team's media room prior to Colorado's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates Friday night.

Although he was a bit shy, he went over to the All-Star right away. There wasn't a lot of dialogue, but there was definitely a connection.

"I'm on like a third grade personality level," Blackmon said. "That was right in my wheelhouse."

It's a moment the two of them will never forget.